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My Skin Care Rituals

My skincare routine changes from time to time. I have tried many products and as a blogger I think it’s important to try out new or trending products to share my thoughts with you all. Some of them are a hit, some of them are a miss… and some of them I probably won’t get to as there are a ton of good products on the market and it takes a good 30 days or so to really notice a difference in your skin. Because we all have different skin types, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa, but hopefully sharing my personal experience will help some of you find products that you love and work well for your skin, too.

Morning Ritual

  • As soon as I get up I splash ice cold water on my skin.
  • Face wash-My favorite cleanser mcaffeine charcoal( apx.349/-) and Forest essentials ( apx.1250/-) and Cetaphil( apx.252/-)
  • Toner-I either use The Body shop Vitamin E toner (895/-) or KAMA Ayurveda Rose water (apx. 300/-) as my toner! I love them both and like to switch products up here and there.
  • ACNE- If sometimes I get pimples on my face I use emolene cream(apx.272/-) as a moisture.
  • Serum-I use mcaffeine naked detox green tea face serum (apx. 625/-). It’s amazing + one of my must have products. It is not pricey, but a product that I have seen great results with. I let this sit and absorb into my skin for about 1 minute before I go to my next step.
  • Sunscreen- I trust RIVELLA BY Cipla with Vitamin E dermatologically tested (apx. 650/-) but when you use sunscreen consult with a doctor. This one is a dermatologist prescription one. Even if you are at home do apply sunscreen. Never miss this step.
  • Face Powder-Maybelline FIT me (app.199/-). I use this at times whenever I feel the need of it. Whenever it’s too hot.
  • Kajal-I keep changing this. I trust Chambor (app. 700/-) and Recode(app.450/-)
  • Eyeliner- I swear by Lakme (app. 200/-)
  • Lipsticks- I use Mac lipsticks(apx-2000), Nykaa(app. 600/-), L’Oreal(apx-1000/-) and colorbar (apx-1200/-)
  • Blush-I use Dromen and CO. Blush paper at times (apx.1000/-) and sometimes pure beetroot tint.
  • Face Mist-This is a product I use every day. It is something I like to spray on my skin whenever I look tired. It gives instant glow on your face. I use PLUM face mist (apx.360/-

PM Skincare Routine

I will admit, my skincare routine at night is a little bit “extra”, but I want to keep my skin young and youthful, so I am all about a good night time routine. Night time is when your skin really repairs and I love to give my skin what it needs (this includes my face and neck)

1. Remove Makeup

2. Cleanse

4. Serums

5. Retinol

5. Eye care

6. Moisturize

7. Lips

Remove Makeup and Cleanse

Remove make-up. I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (apx. 349/-) with a cotton pad to gently remove my mascara/eye make-up. It’s super gentle and works so well. Next, I use my face wash. I am a big lover of double cleansing and have seen incredible changes in my skin since starting & a lot less breakouts


*quick tip- I always “pat” in my serums instead of rubbing them in.

I keep on switching between serums and apply aloevera gel when I need a little extra hydration! It smells great and I wake up so glowy the next morning. I always use a serum with Hyaluronic Acid. It really plumps up the skin & deeply hydrates.


I use this retinol about 2 times a week! (Never when you are pregnant or nursing)

Eye Care

I love Almond oil or pure coconut oil for my eyes. It’s an anti-wrinkle that brightens, rejuvenates, & hydrates. It helps with the appearance of wrinkles, while also targeting puffiness and dark circles.

I always use something suuuuper moisturizing at night on my lips. I really love Body Shop Lip butter and lip balms .They leave my lips feeling hydrated and healthy.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! I hope this answers a ton of your questions about what I use day and night to maintain a healthy glow and to supply my skin with the nutrients it needs as well as opens your eyes to WHY these products are helpful. If you’d like to ask anything do leave any questions you may have in the comments section!

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