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I still sometimes feel like I’m a 20 year old so maybe I don’t have anything wise to say, heck I might not have anything wise to say when I’m 40 either but here are some things I have picked up on my way and I thought I’d jot them down – not only for you – but for me – for me to come back in read in 5 years and think ‘Oh sweet girl, there’s still so much you are so clueless about’. But that’s what fun about the journey is, I suppose – something new to learn every day, every minute, and every second – if you’re willing to be open to it. Here goes:

  1. Respect your time- And the time of others. Your time means something – it is more precious than any other thing. Don’t let others take it lightly. Any amount of time spent with your loved one or with your hobbies will never be enough. Nobody knows what the next day will bring – they may be gone – or you don’t have time to do what all that interest you-be it yoga, your passion for painting etc.! So, go meet them, hold them tight, tell them you love them and don’t let go and do what you want to do today.
  2. While you are changing and growing up don’t forget who you were as a kid, more carefree person – what you liked, enjoyed and try to keep some of that person with you. It’s easy to drown in daily work, stress, socializing, eating out, and starring non-stop at your smartphone screens all day. But if you can keep a yourself alive the kind of music you enjoyed, the way you used to dance in the rain ,the way you genuinely did not think about what the people around you were thinking, leave your phone behind for some days and go for a yoga retreat to find that peace which you want, listen to the music you liked in college, read a book at the park on a Sunday, spend time with yourself instead of the new people you must be seen hanging out with, It is so good for the soul.
  3. Take better care of your body- I do yoga at home. I move, I stretch and I pay attention to what I eat nowadays – I mostly eat at home, avoid dairy and processed sugar and other processed foods like bread, white rice, etc. I’ve also been doing intermittent fasting and it has been quite lovely for my body and well-being. It is a clichéd thing to say but you really do just have one body – treat it well and it might just carry you well into your older years and keep you happy in return.
  4. If you’re in pain, mental pain then try to do something which keeps you busy. Do not learn to live with it, try to change yourself and do what interests you.
  5. Pay attention to your skin and develop a routine. Trust a few products that your skin responds well to and stick to them. Always follow CTM routine. Always keep a jar of natural aloe Vera gel in your refrigerator.
  6. Being a little selfish and self-obsessed can be a good thing at times.
  7. Be nice to everybody. You will NEVER regret it. Never hold any grudges to live peacefully and forgive the one who has ever hurt you.
  8. Life doesn’t go as you plan or think. I know most people already know this but it’s just good to be reminded now and again. Whatever we think never happens so live it the way it comes to you and stop expecting. You will be much happier.
  9. Be patient. If the good times seem to have gone away, the bad times too will eventually do the same. No state is permanent for anybody or anything. So keep patience.
  10. Travel as much as you can, wherever you can. And travel solo at least once in your life. I want to try this very soon.
  11. It’s easy to hate life, people, etc. when bad shit has happened to you but difficult to love. Your life experiences are what add on to make you who you are today, even if they literally took something away from you at the time.So don’t be depressed and live your life.
  12. If you can manage to follow a strict way of life in terms of food and physical activity then you must inculcate the habit to indulge once in a while. I got careful with my no-dairy policy for a couple of months and eventually I realized that while it may have been great for my body – it had made me a bit dull and agitated as a person. So I went back to enjoying some cheat meals guilt-free because that was good for my mind. And we all need to find our own balance.
  13. Spend your money. You won’t be able to take it with you in your afterlife. But at the same time learn to save a portion of it too. But when you live by dreaming and working hard for that believe me that thing will come to you no matter what.
  14. Don’t get married and have kids too early or when you don’t want because that’s the way of life. Ask yourself why you want to do these things in the first place, how your life will be better off or worse by doing them. Do your research, like you’d be expected to do for every other big decision of your life. Kids may solve your boredom problem but they bring a whole new set of problems you may not be equipped to face. So, think and take your wise decisions only once you are independent.
  15. Don’t be shy or ashamed of sharing your feelings with anybody. If somebody feels uncomfortable with it, that’s their problem, not yours. Say whatever you feel and never lie even if it hurts the other people’s sentiments. Be truthful.
  16. Jealousy is a feeling that comes easily to humans. Never get this feeling destroy you. We all feel everything, most of us more than we can handle – the best we can hope to do is manage our feelings and be aware of them being there. And continuing to breathe through them.
  17. Go watch a movie into a cinema hall by yourself at least once. It’s more fun than you may expect it to be.
  18. NEVER feel shy of asking for help. We ALL need help sometimes. Ask for help, ask again. People seldom say no in reality. But you’ll never know until you ASK.
  19. Please don’t calculate someone’s value based on the number of followers they have on social media and judge them. We all have friends but all have different places in our lives. Try not to judge because everyone has a story you know nothing of. You do YOU.
  20. Learn to say no – Keep your professional and personal life different. Don’t hesitate to say no. Sometimes by saying just a word NO solves all your problem.Sometimes, if you’re in a bad mood, simply smiling in the mirror or eating some dark chocolate flips your mood.

Drink a mixture of warm water + turmeric + raw honey + cinnamon + black pepper + ginger +mint and tulsi leaves every morning and SMILE.

Hope you have a good time reading it! Be safe.

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