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Embracing Self-Care: A Path to Happiness and Wellness

I always used to think before expecting things from others I myself do it. In my own life, self-care has given me happiness, stability and a deeper connection with myself. It makes me happy and seriously refuels my energy throughout the day. When things are stressful, you may put yourself last. Take care of yourself …

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How do I keep myself fit, happy and young?

1. Turmeric Works Wonders – We all know turmeric to be one of the most effective skin care solutions from nature. Turmeric is known to have curcumin, which is a compound known for its antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties. Other than this, it’s also known to have collagen producing properties, which makes it a …

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Forget Traditional Cardio, Try This Workout To Burn More Calories!!!

If you are bored with your current workout doing regular cardio or aerobics classes, Kickboxing could be the breath of fresh air you need… Many people don’t like to do exercise as it is often boring. It is very helpful to switch your training program after few months. If you are doing a regular cardio …