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Why Protein Supplements?

Protein plays a big role in your diet. Now the question is why Protein Powder?

  • The one which helps in fat loss
  • Reduces hunger between meals

While dieting our goal is to minimise the loss of muscle. This is only possible by adding protein in your diet. When people lose weight about one-third of it was a loss of muscle. So, your diet needs higher protein amounts which are not possible if you are a vegetarian.

A weight loss achieved by eating good amount of protein will go a long way in reducing weight gain – that’s why people do Keto diet.

I want you to make it clear that like some carbs, fibre etc are good for health same in the case of protein. Protein is good up to a level of protein your body needs but we don’t take that much of protein also so how protein powder will harm your body. The Protein depends upon the individual’s per kg body weight and your fitness goals, somewhere between .75 to 1.5 gms.

Many people misunderstood Protein Powder-

Protein powder or supplements don’t automatically help you build muscle. You must exercise at the same time as well.


In that case Sugar is also bad for health than why you drink tea, coffee etc.

You have to understand certain things that a person involved in regular exercise requires high amount of protein. A protein shake that provides 25g of protein per serving is not even half a kilo individual’s daily requirement, so then how is supposed to be bad for your body or kidneys?

Go and look at any patient dialysis ward and let me know if you find any one person who was regularly doing weight training or had protein shakes has harm kidneys due to this reason.

The only people who are prone to kidney disorders are athletes who are on steroids not protein shakes.

Most common risk factors for kidneys are due to:-

  • Dehydration
  • Diabetes
  • BP

You will say now to yourself that why I can’t take protein from natural things like dal, eggs, sprouts etc.

Grow up and think that natural is only your state of mind. Even your toothpaste, lipstick you applying, you mobile etc are not pure and natural. Why you keep on taking supplements for vitamins deficiency. PROTEIN POWDER IS NATURAL and it completes your daily requirement.

Now how to choose your Whey Protein –

Any container containing PROTEIN- 20-27g, Carb 0-3g, Fat 0-3g is good.

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