The entire concept of my blog is fearlessness, being comfortable with who you are & what u wears. Not being afraid to show who you are regardless of whatever journey you are on. I am a shopaholic, fashion addict and a creative bee. I stand out, than be one among the crowd and my clothes are a reflection of my personality and thought process.

I blog about the things I wear and the shoes I love. My hobbies include Fitness, shopping, photography, travelling, playing chess. My blog is all about carrying yourself confidently. You will hardly see me in flats. After an Assistant Director in Education sector, I love taking pictures of my outfit whenever I get ready. This is my real passion. My Outfits which caught an eye on the streets of Bhilwara. I cover art, beauty, lifestyle, travel, shopping etc.

I created this fashion blog to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every corner. I will highlight my outfits as well as my experience. What should be the easiest part of everyone’s day (getting dressed in the morning is sometimes the hardest) and that’s what I blog. While every blog focuses on what’s in fashion but I reveal what never goes out of fashion.

Before I myself didn’t know much about fashion and all. But suddenly the passion in me aroused and takes me here where I’m today.

My site is about sharing the thing that inspires me. It’s a whole lifestyle diary, from what I wear, to where I travel.

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