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You should know these things about soaked Almonds before eating!!!

The Method of Soaking Almonds:- Immerse a handful of almonds in ½ cup of water. Cover it and let it soak for at least eight hours. Drain the water and remove the skin and store the almonds in plastic container. In this way, the soaked almonds can last for a week. I have started this …

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It provides fuel to the body means ‘Breaking the Fast’ What If you have breakfast daily – Gives energy and nutrients. Helps maintaining healthy weight. You feel good and don’t feel hungry. If breakfast is not taken, body doesn’t process next meal as quickly as it does the first one. Remember – Eat Healthy! Eat something …

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Forget Traditional Cardio, Try This Workout To Burn More Calories!!!

If you are bored with your current workout doing regular cardio or aerobics classes, Kickboxing could be the breath of fresh air you need… Many people don’t like to do exercise as it is often boring. It is very helpful to switch your training program after few months. If you are doing a regular cardio …